director / cinematographer


short film

Directed and filmed by Curt Apduhan

This is a fantastic movie about a married couple who plan to spice up their 10th anniversary by hiring an exotic dancer to perform for them. It’s made with love and care. Curt has spent decades working in Hollywood as a cinematographer and came across in the panel discussion as a lovely guy and for his directorial debut it’s brilliant.
— IAN J. COLE / York MIX Ian’s rating: ★★★★
Curt is an extremely accomplished cinematographer and filmmaker. His artistry inspires all involved in the production. I have also been fortunate to collaborate with Curt while he is holding the director’s chair. In all of his work Curt is clear and focused, expressive, creative and the essence of professionalism. 
Thank you- Curt !
— RANDY MILLER / composer "Anniversary", "Most Valuable Players", "Amargosa"